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Here we would like to briefly introduce ourselves and our company. This is how you get a little impression of the team, the company, and our services.

We have been in the cleaning industry for many years. We love it when it’s clean!

We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to have a clean vehicle. Hence the idea to start a website that enables our customers to book their desired service in less than 60 seconds.

Our team consists of a competent management team that takes care of all the necessary things in the backround. We also have many competent employees who take care of cleaning on site.

Our time management is of course controlled by the software behind this website.

We are constantly improving our website, the service and the processes.

Our goal is to become the most famous cleaning brand in Malta. To do this, we try to make ourselves and our company a little better every day.

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Did you know that we don’t just clean vehicles? We also clean boats and yachts, apartments and offices! Please visit our other websites … at Boat-Cleaning.com you can, for example, easily book various services related to your boat or yacht.

Software / Website Development

In order to continuously improve our service and our services, we are also constantly working on our websites and the booking software that is behind the websites.

Do you already know our other cleaning services in Malta?

Cleaning-Malta.com takes care of your house, your apartment or your office. On this website you can easily book the cleaning of objects in just a few steps.

At Boat-Cleaning.com you will find everything about boats and yachts. Our maritime sector takes care that your ship is always nice and clean!

You already know Car-Wash-Malta.com… Everything here revolves around the car. We ensure that our customers get a perfect, clean car in just a few steps.

Three strong brands that are revolutionizing the cleaning industry in Malta!

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