How to properly care for leather in a car

How To Properly Care For Leather In A Car

Leather brings luxury to the car interior and is considered hard-wearing. But it also needs to be looked after. In this article, we will explain what you should pay attention to. Leather in the car enhances the interior. It’s not just about leather seats. The steering wheel and gear stick are also often covered with leather. In order for the material to stay beautiful for as long as possible, it needs regular maintenance. In addition to skin and tannins, leather consists of fat, liquid and

Car trunk cleaning

Car Trunk Cleaning

A lot of dirt quickly accumulates in the trunk of a car. After all, apart from the driver’s seat, most of the time something is transported here. So it’s no wonder that the trunk of the car also needs a little maintenance. This is especially the case when animals are regularly driven around in it or when wet clothes are stored. What do you need to clean the trunk? For most cars, a little dirt control is probably sufficient, which is why not too many accessories are required for cleanin

car interiour cleaning

10 Steps To A Perfectly Clean Interior

Time for a car interior cleaning? We explain in ten steps how the interior can be made sparkling clean again, which utensils are necessary for this and give valuable tips on cleaning the car. It is not only important to wash your car regularly, but also to clean the interior of the car. This not only eliminates dirt, germs and bacteria, but also increases the resale value of your car with a well-tended interior. If you want to save money, you can easily clean the car interior yourself. The cleani

cleaning car interior

How To Clean The Car Interior Properly: Instructions

People’s love for cars is unbroken. In order to enjoy your car for a long time, regular car care is essential. Cleaning not only takes care of the car. A clean car also feels much better when you drive it. And with the right equipment, car cleaning is no longer an annoying burden, but a necessity that can also be fun. A wet vacuum cleaner in particular is ideal for thorough cleaning of the car interior thanks to its dry and wet vacuum function. Here you will find tips for cleaning wet vacuu

cleaning car windows

How To Clean Car Windows Without Leaving Streaks

Is it really necessary to clean the inside of the car window without leaving streaks? After all, it is mainly the external dirt that catches the eye on windshields and not only looks unsightly, but also robs the view. But when you see the stripes and streaks on the inside of the car window in the backlight at night, you realize that car windows have to shine on the inside too. We explain step by step which tools you need for cleaning and how you can regain an overview even with greasy soiling. Wh

car washing

How To Wash Your Car The Right Way (Malta Optimized)

Is your car is dirty again and it’s time to wash your car? Then we would like to give you a few important tips on how to wash your car properly. Before you start washing, make sure that you park your car in the shade if possible and let the paint on your car cool down. If you wash your car in the blazing sun, it is very difficult to clean the car because the water does not stick to the paint and the car dries too quickly on its own. Make sure you have enough water when washing your car. Wate

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