Car trunk cleaning

A lot of dirt quickly accumulates in the trunk of a car. After all, apart from the driver’s seat, most of the time something is transported here. So it’s no wonder that the trunk of the car also needs a little maintenance. This is especially the case when animals are regularly driven around in it or when wet clothes are stored.

What do you need to clean the trunk?

For most cars, a little dirt control is probably sufficient, which is why not too many accessories are required for cleaning the trunk.

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Brush

If there is stubborn dirt or even bad smells in the trunk, a few more utensils are recommended:

  • Carpet cleaner
  • or cleaning gun
  • or carpet cleaner / wet vacuum cleaner

This depends on the degree of soiling.

car trunk cleaning with vacuum cleaner

Clean the car trunk properly

Regardless of how dirty it is, the trunk must first be cleared before it is actually cleaned. To do this, remove all things from this and stow them in another place (e.g. garage).

Then the vacuum cleaner is used. Use this to remove the coarse dirt. It is best to use a special carpet attachment that can also trap stubborn dirt.

If there are still individual pine needles or the like caught in the trunk, they can easily be loosened with a brush. Optionally, carpet cleaner (foam) can also be used. Massage this in with a soft brush and leave it on for a few minutes. Then wipe off the foam with a cloth and let everything dry well so that no mold forms.

If there is really stubborn dirt, you may have to use a cleaning gun or even a carpet cleaner / wet vacuum cleaner.

How to clean the car boot liner properly

If the trunk has a trunk tub, this can also be cleaned quickly and easily.

To do this, simply remove the tub from the car and knock out the first coarse dirt. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid (or plastic cleaner). After washing, let the boot liner dry well so that moisture and / or mold does not build up in the car afterwards.

Accessories for the trunk

There are a number of accessories for the car trunk, which not only protect the charging area, but also ensure more order.

Trunk pocket / organizer

With a bag for the trunk, purchases and the like are always safely stowed away. This is particularly suitable for sensitive transport goods, which could otherwise be destroyed during the journey. In addition, the floor of the trunk is spared and the risk of stains is reduced.

Trunk mat

A mat cannot stow the transported goods, but serves as a protective layer for the floor. Such a mat is particularly worthwhile if animals or objects that tend to get dirty (e.g. garden rubbish) are transported frequently. In the best case scenario, the mat can be easily wiped off.

Trunk tub

A tub for the trunk has the same purpose as a mat. However, such a mat is made of less flexible plastic, but is more resilient. Liquids in particular are safely caught in it, while with mats on the sides they could penetrate the actual floor.


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