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People’s love for cars is unbroken. In order to enjoy your car for a long time, regular car care is essential. Cleaning not only takes care of the car. A clean car also feels much better when you drive it. And with the right equipment, car cleaning is no longer an annoying burden, but a necessity that can also be fun.

A wet vacuum cleaner in particular is ideal for thorough cleaning of the car interior thanks to its dry and wet vacuum function. Here you will find tips for cleaning wet vacuums as well as important information on the correct handling of these cleaning devices.

Clean the car with a wet vacuum cleaner

Wet vacuum cleaners are true all-rounders. Because they are not only able to remove dry dirt particles such as traffic jams, crumbs or animals. Liquids and wet dirt can also be easily vacuumed up with a wet cleaner. Therefore, they are ideal for car preparation. They can be used to carry out various cleaning work in the car, such as cleaning the car seats and seat covers, the floor mats, the footwell and the trunk. Compared to a normal vacuum cleaner or cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, a wet vacuum cleaner car cleaning has the following advantages:

  • Dry dirt and liquids are vacuumed up
  • Thanks to the special motor and accessory construction, wet vacuum cleaners are designed for rough work
  • Deep pore cleaning of upholstery
  • Special upholstery brushes make cleaning easier

Wet vacuum car preparation – why makes sense?

Over time, car seats and seat covers are exposed to various influences, which in many cases we are not aware of. These include B. Dust, which is always present in a certain amount in the car interior and is deposited in the fibers of the car seats and seat covers. In addition, of course, there is the pollution caused by the car occupants. Mostly it is food stains or dirt transported from the outside into the car interior. Sweat and temperature fluctuations, especially in summer, add to this. The result: after years, stains, marks and irregular color gradients form on the seat surfaces. The wet vacuum cleaner is also particularly useful in extreme sports: when driving a racing car, the car is exposed to enormous loads and, at the same time, heavy soiling. Thorough cleaning is therefore absolutely advisable in these areas as well.

With a conventional vacuum cleaner you only clean the surfaces. With a wet vacuum car cleaning, however, you ensure a fiber-deep and thorough cleanliness. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are easy to use and leave behind a hygienic, pore-deep cleaning facility. For this reason, a wet vacuum car cleaning is recommended in any case, especially for wet vacuum car preparation and cleaning the car upholstery.

How does a wet vacuum cleaner work?

Basically, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is similar to a conventional vacuum cleaner with the main difference that there is no dust bag inside the wet vacuum cleaner. These are equipped with a collecting container that separates the liquid from the air during the suction process. As a result, the wet vacuum cleaner is conveniently able to vacuum up dust, dirt and crumbs as well as liquids without being damaged in the process. After the vacuuming process, the container is simply emptied, so there is no need to buy vacuum cleaner bags.

wet vacuum cleaner

Wet vacuum cleaners, also known as multi-purpose vacuum cleaners, are useful all-rounders that can be used in the household, in the home workshop, in the garden or in the garage. And also with wet vacuum car cleaning. The car interior can be cleaned thoroughly with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. In addition to dry dirt particles, the car seats and seat covers can be cleaned fiber-deep with special cleaning agents, and not just vacuumed. Thanks to the wet vacuum cleaner cleaning, deeply clean seats remain without stains and odor.

Cleaning car seats with a wet vacuum cleaner: This is how it works!

  1. Before you start cleaning your wet vacuum cleaner car, first remove the seat covers and any coarse dirt. Here you can vacuum dry once with the cleaning device. Then treat the seats with special cleaning agents. Make sure you are using the right padding shampoo. Because special leather care products have to be used for leather, i.e. different means than for upholstered seats.
  2. Now work the cleaning agent thoroughly and evenly into the fabric. In order to achieve good cleaning results, let the cleaning liquid soak in and take effect. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the dirt in the fibers is dissolved and the cleaning unfolds its deep effect.
  3. In the next step, vacuum the car seats with the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The moisture and the impurities are absorbed by the wet cleaner and if you have otherwise only vacuumed the car interior with a conventional vacuum cleaner, you will be surprised at how much dirt can now be removed.
  4. After you have cleaned the car interior with the wet vacuum cleaner, allow the seats and covers to ventilate well. Depending on the degree of soiling, you can repeat the wet vacuum auto cleaning one more time to achieve perfect cleaning results.

Clean the car with a washing-vacuum-cleaner

The question often arises whether the car seats should be cleaned with a wet vacuum cleaner or with a washer-extractor. Basically, both devices work in a similar way, as they suck up liquids in addition to dry dirt without any problems. With the vacuum cleaner, however, you save yourself the step of manually pre-treating the car seats and seat covers. In addition to the collecting container, vacuum cleaners are equipped with a cleaning tank and a spray nozzle. The vacuum cleaner sprays the cleaning agent onto the surface to be cleaned in a single operation and sucks up the cleaning foam and any dirt again.

Washing vacuum cleaner

In this way, just as with car cleaning, dirt, grease, bacteria and odors are removed from the car seats with a wet vacuum cleaner. It is true that handling with a vacuum cleaner proves to be easier, since manual pretreatment is no longer necessary. However, when cleaning the car interior with a vacuum cleaner, it can happen that the seats absorb too much moisture. Therefore, care should be taken to use the appropriate dosage of the padding shampoo. The manual pretreatment has the advantage that the cleaning agent can be incorporated much more carefully and more precisely.

Wet vacuum cleaner for cars: which device is suitable?

The selection of these practical all-rounders for wet vacuum car cleaning is large and prospective buyers are spoiled for choice. Appropriate models are available to meet the various requirements in industry or at home. The price range is also wide. Depending on the equipment, range of functions and features, there are entry-level models in stores for well under € 100. These are mostly pure wet and dry vacuum cleaners. If, on the other hand, you want to buy a vacuum cleaner that has the practical spray function, you should expect 100 – approx. 160 €.

Especially when cleaning the car, you should make sure that the wet vacuum cleaner has an extensive range of accessories to adapt the car wet vacuum cleaner cleaning to the different surfaces and materials. Special hard floor and upholstery brushes should therefore not be missing. The size and handiness of the device as well as the operating range are also important criteria.

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Expert tips for interior maintenance

Cleaning car seats: removing the smell of nicotine from the car

A wet vacuum car preparation is the optimal way to remove dirt and odor down to the pores. A common problem, especially with smokers, is the formation of nicotine smells in the car. Here you will also receive some tips on how to remove the smell of nicotine in the car and complete the wet vacuum cleaning.

The smell of cigarettes in the car is stubbornly stuck in all possible parts of the car, such as upholstery and ceiling coverings. And even years later, the smell of cigarettes can still be heard in the car. Not only is this uncomfortable for the car occupants, but it also translates into depreciation if you want to sell the car. Because non-smokers in particular do not want to drive a car with an annoying cigarette smell.

The first thing on the cleaning list is emptying and washing the ashtray thoroughly so that no odor remains. Also change the pollen filter, as nicotine odor will also be deposited there. To get the nicotine smell out of the upholstery, various cleaning agents are available. Cleaning with a wet vacuum cleaner or washer-extractor is particularly effective, as it allows you to achieve fiber-deep cleaning and removes odors from the pores. The vehicle carpets should also be cleaned thoroughly. Then ventilate the car well.

In addition to wet vacuum car cleaning, there are also various home remedies. Scented trees only provide a limited remedy here, as they only cover up the smell. Placing a bowl of flour, rice, cat litter or freshly ground coffee should be simple but effective. The moisture is bound and the smell of nicotine is neutralized. Usually it is enough to put the bowl in the car for a few nights.

When it comes to removing the smell of nicotine from the car, most experts are of the opinion that treating such household products usually only covers up the smell in the interior of the car, but does not eliminate it. Therefore, a thorough cleaning of the car with professional cleaning agents, ideally in conjunction with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, is most effective. An even more effective way to get nicotine smell out of the car is to use ozone. Here, the car is sealed and ozone is introduced into the interior of the car with a special device. The gas remains in the car for about 24 hours, binds the odor and then breaks down into pure oxygen. This eliminates all odors. Professional ozone treatment costs a. 50-10 e.

professional car cleaning malta

Conclusion: wet vacuum car cleaning

A wet vacuum cleaner impresses with its versatile application possibilities: In addition to dry dirt particles, it also sucks up liquids without any problems. This makes it extremely useful not only in the household, in the workshop or in the garage. The wet vacuum cleaner is a practical helper, especially when cleaning cars and removing residues and odors in car seats and seat covers. In this respect, it is particularly effective if you want to clean the car with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner instead of just vacuuming the car seats loosely. A wet vacuum car cleaning is done in a few steps: After the car interior has been roughly vacuumed, the seats can be treated with a special upholstery shampoo. The cleaning agent is now given time to take effect. Cleaning foam and dirt are then sucked up and what remains is deeply clean car seats. When buying a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for the car, you should pay particular attention to the accessory package supplied. Some manufacturers equip their devices with special upholstery brushes that make vacuuming easier. Care should also be taken to ensure a large radius of action through the use of long power cables. If you follow these tips for wet vacuum car cleaning, you too will enjoy driving again.

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