premium car washing membership

Pay once – have it washed as often as you want!

Here you have the opportunity to purchase a premium car washing membership. With this membership you’ll never have to pay for your car wash again.

This is how it works:

You pay a one-time fee for membership in Car-Wash-Malta. This enables you to have your car washed by us as often as you want.

Just come whenever you want with your car to our car wash point and we will wash your car for you immediately. (within our opening hours)

The premium membership is valid for one year and for one car! Membership is not transferable.

When ordering your premium car wash membership, you must specify your car model and license plate.

Should you sell your vehicle in the meantime and buy another vehicle, we can transfer the membership to your new vehicle or your new license plate.

After the one-year membership expires, your membership will NOT be automatically renewed! After your one-year premium car wash membership expires, you have to buy a new membership. Then you will also get a new identity card which is valid for another year.

What is all inclusive?

With our premium car wash membership, you can have your vehicle washed by us as often as you want.

We currently offer the following service

The Premium-Car-Wash-Membership for One Year includes the following benefits:

  • Outside wash
  • Drying
  • Interior cleaning (vacuum cleaning + wipe with a damp cloth)

Which services are NOT included:

  • Removal of stubborn dirt (outside and inside)
  • Repair of accident damage
  • Rust removal
  • Removal of stubborn stains in the interior of the vehicle
  • Removal of stubborn dirt in the trunk
  • Engine wash
  • Underbody washing
  • Wheel washing and polishing
  • Polishing the paint

This offer does NOT apply to our mobile car wash service. We will publish a similar offer for our malta mobile car wash service in the near future.

Order your Car Wash Premium Membership now!

How does it work?

  • Simply click on the 1-year premium membership and add it to your shopping cart.
  • Go to the checkout and pay for your membership there with a credit or debit card.

You’re Done!

  • When you come to our Car Wash Point for the first time, please bring the printed order confirmation with you and show it to our employees.
  • Our staff will now create a personal, physical membership card for you. You can now show this membership card at your next car washes and have it scanned by our staff.

From now on you can have your vehicle washed by us as often as you want (membership is valid for one year and must then be bought again)

When does my premium car wash membership begin and end?

It doesn’t matter when you order and pay for your membership, the membership period is exactly one year. Membership ends automatically after the year. Of course, you can renew your membership after one year.

For example: Start date 04/01/2022 – End date 04/01/2023 or Start date 10/18/2022 – End date 10/18/2023

Membership begins on the day of the order / payment and automatically ends on the same day in the following year.

Available Memberships

What can you do while we wash your car for you?

Since there may be a small waiting time depending on the workload, we have a coffee machine for you where you can buy fresh coffee. We also have a snack machine where you can buy delicious snacks.

The coffee and snacks from our machines are very cheap. We don’t want to make a profit on our coffee and snack sales!

We also have a few benches and chairs on our property where you can enjoy a few minutes of rest while we take care of your vehicle. Just enjoy the sun and a hot coffee, the waiting time will pass in no time!

You will certainly meet other niche people with whom you can talk 😉

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